cover van 'Walter Buschmann, Achim Bednorz | Der  Pott - Indu'

Der Pott - Industriekultur im Ruhrgebiet


Coal and steel shaped the Ruhr area for more than 200 years and are still prominent in the image of the cities and the lnadscape today: blast furnaces, winding and coal towers, chimney coolers or gas holders, high chimneys rising into the sky. Huge halls are the second, characteristic basic architectural form of the area. Their monumental diminsions can only be really experienced inside. Tower buildings and hall interiors are also part of the industrial culture documented by spectacular photographs in this illustrated book. Historical pictures, system sketches, texts and maps complete the homage to the Ruhr and the time of the collieries. Groot formaat, tekst in het Engels, Duits en Frans.

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