cover van 'Agnès Poirier | Left Bank'

Left Bank

Art, Passion, and the Rebirth of Paris, 1940-1950 

A captivating portrait of those who lived, loved, fought, played and flourished in Paris between 1940 and 1950 and whose intellectual and artistic output still influences us today. After the horrors of the Second World War, Paris was the place where the world's most original voices of the time came - among them Norman Mailer, Miles Davis, Simone de Beauvoir, James Baldwin, Juliette Greco, Alberto Giacometti, Saul Bellow and Arthur Koestler. Fuelled by the elation of the Liberation, these pioneers hoped to find an alternative to the Capitalist and Communist models for life, art and politics - a Third Way. Agnes Poirier transports us to a time when Paris was at the heart of all that was new and brave and controversial, skillfully weaving together a collage of images and destinies.

331 p. Enkele zw/w foto's

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