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Napoleon in Egypt


In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte, only twenty-eight, set sail for Egypt with 335 ships, 40000 soldiers, and a collection of scholars, artists, and scientists to establish an eastern empire. He saw himself as a liberator, freeing the Egyptians from oppression. But Napoleon wasn't the first - nor the last - who tragically misunderstood Muslim culture. Marching across seemingly endless deserts in the shadow of the pyramids, pushed to the limits of human endurance, his men would be plagued by mirages, suicides, and the constant threat of ambush. A crusade begun in honor would degenerate into chaos. And yet his grand failure also yielded a treasure trove of knowledge that paved the way for modern Egyptology - and it tempered the complex leader who believed himself destined to conquer the world. Weer leverbaar. Heel licht beschadigde exemplaren.

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