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The wish

The 99 things we think we want most 

In 2014 a website called Crowdwish launched with a singular proposition; it simply asked people what they wanted most. Wishes poured in from all over the world, with the site promising to take some form of action against the most up-voted wish every 24 hours. The Wish reviews 99 of the most popular wishes and asks: what are the things we really want, how can we get closer to them, and how much happier would we be were they to be attained. The book provides exportable, practical and achievable next steps to aid the reader in fulfilling a wish, and, uniquely, allows people to get in touch for further assistance, information or resources to help them progress towards a goal. The Wish is part reflection on a fascinating social experiment, part humorous rumination on the nature of happiness and part instruction manual for life. Tonally, The Wish is punchy, upbeat, and occasionally ironic. It is not worthy, preachy, sanctimonious, cliched or moralising. It is pragmatic and knowing, rather than wistful or saccharine. The book makes no judgment about the wishes themselves, but is designed to be helpful, entertaining and thought-provoking; a snapshot of the hopes, dreams and desires that unite us all. Readers will get to know how to get out of bed with a spring in your step, why you probably can't be an extra in Game of Thrones, where the world's best lemon meringue pie is to be found, how to make better small talk and why following your passion is usually a terrible idea.

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